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Restoring Life Joy & Hope

About Us

Welcome to Acts of Kindness.

We all know the feeling – a loved one’s birthday is just two weeks away and we don’t know what to buy them! What do you buy the person who says they are lucky enough to have everything they need? A delicious lunch, a wonderful book, a pair of new socks…

Or maybe something bigger, something that will keep on giving long after the presents are opened. The gift of kindness towards someone with no one to love them and nowhere safe to turn.

As the fundraising arm of UnitingCare, Share is proud to fund work that makes a real difference in the lives of many when they need it the most. People living without food, shelter or safety; mothers and children fleeing abuse; young people neglected by the adults they should be able to rely on; teenagers driven to dropping out of school; homeless people with no place to turn; people seeking refuge from war; and families who never imagined they would struggle to put food on the table.

Most of us are lucky enough to never have encountered true hardship, some of us may have experienced it firsthand and overcome it thanks to the generosity and support of others.

This year, celebrate life’s joyous and memorable moments – weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations – and give a gift that brings happiness, dignity and hope back into reach.

Share the celebration. Share the love. Help Share restore life, joy and hope to people in need.

Acts of Kindness. The gift that keeps on giving.


Who your gift helps

Share invests in work that restores life, joy and hope to people facing financial, physical or humanitarian crisis.

Acts of Kindness funds vital support for people who are:

  • Homeless
  • Hungry
  • Isolated
  • Abused
  • Seeking Asylum
  • Facing Sudden Crisis

How your gift helps

In partnership with our generous supporters, Share transforms lives by funding programs that offer instant relief as well as long-term support, ensuring that all people, regardless of race, religion, gender or age, can live a life of dignity and hope.

Your gifts support a broad range of vital UnitingCare and Uniting Church programs in Victoria and Tasmania, such as:

  • Emergency relief for people who are in crisis in the form of food, shelter or clothing
  • Child, youth and family services
  • Counselling, drop-in centres, peer support and rehabilitation for individuals and families Education and employment programs to provide hope for the future

Who is Share

Crisis can hit at any time, and many lack the support needed to recover. With your help, Share fills that gap.

Share’s vision is to restore life, joy and hope to people who are disadvantaged or in crisis.

We do this by raising funds to resource UnitingCare, one of the largest providers of community services in Victoria and Tasmania. We also support vital Uniting Church community service programs and international disaster relief.

Our unique approach ensures your gift gets to those most in need.

Visit the Share website.


Generous Australians like you donate to Share


Our grants panel select the most effective programs to receive funding


Lives are transformed as these programs restore life, joy and hope

“A child without education is like a bird without wings”

Tibetan Proverb